DSS in a word

  • US stock markets
  • Daily stock picking
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Real market data backtesting
  • Trading strategy personalizing
  • Perfectly suited for trades automating
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Daily forecasts (Our Forecasts)

  • Daily selected stocks for long positions
  • Daily updated one year performance analysis
  • Daily updated Treynor, Sharpe, Jensen ratios
  • Check our performance

Customized Forecast (Your Forecast)

  • Run a personalized forecast
  • Set your minimum and maximum prices...
  • Save your data
  • Get the fundamentals from yahoo finance, google finance, ...
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  • Test different combinations and their yearly returns
  • Play with the parameters even with no deep maths background
  • Check cumulative returns on real markets data
  • Optimize your stop loss/target price percentages
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  • 2 locations, 3 languages, 2 continents
  • USA, English
  • Lebanon, Arabic + French
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Why the DSS?

For academics/students

  • Learn how to diversify
  • Learn how to build a portfolio
  • Learn how to follow the fundamentals
  • Learn how to conceive a trading strategy
  • Improve your portfolio management skills while we feed it
  • Learn an automated trading system
  • How to use the DSS in a classroom?
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For individual traders

  • Think out of the box
  • Go where the trends are going, away from the mainstream
  • Have a graphic follow up on your individual trades and portfolio evolution
  • Make over 50% gains per year
  • Perform personalized backtesting and save/reuse the parameters
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Financial institutions

  • Train your rookies
  • Add a new successful strategy to your existing ones
  • Automatize your trades with little follow up
  • Have a mixture of technical + fundamental trades for your traders
  • Introduce an original Machine Learning technique and inspirational algorithms
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